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English as a Foreign Language

Learn English with us. New Horizons Academy has more than 40 years of experience in the market, offering English classes to children, young persons and adults, graduating more than ** students.


Our interactive teaching system is structured on the basis of the International Phonetic Alphabet in conjunction with a complete grammar program to develop IN our students the ability to recognize and reproduce the sounds and grammatical structure of the English language. It also includes topics with cultural approaches, due to the fact that when learning a language one must also learn its culture.

In our class program we use modern pedagogical methods to optimize the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process. In an environment of dynamic classes we simultaneously work on grammar, conversation, pronunciation, reading, writing and composition, supported by textbooks of the highest academic quality, an exercise book and vocabulary cards, elements that we combine with other teaching tools, such as:

  • Classes in audiovisual room.
  • Classes in computer lab.
  • Videos, educational games, educational softwares.
  • Visits and consults to our bilingual library, among others.
  • Virtual platform.
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Academic Structure

Our academic program is structured according to the ages of the students, from introductory to advanced levels.

+ Prechildren

+ Children

+ Junior

+ Advanced

+ Adults

+ Immersion Program

+ Preparation TOEFL

+ Professional English

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