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Arts Academy

The New Horizons Arts Academy seeks to develop, stimulate and foster talents, learning, imagination, expression and discipline, through arts.


Music Program

guitarras acusticas

Offers a complete education by levels, which includes musical appreciation, theoretical training and correct use of the instrument.

– Musical exploration: specialized for children between 3 and 10 years old, where they begin to practice the sounds of different instruments, music theory and musical knowledge.

– Guitar: for children and young people starting from 6 years old. Beginning with the musical theory, the student will learn reading of musical sheet, sound, rhythm, scales with flute and use of the instrument.

Plastic Arts Program

preparando pintura

We offer training in drawing and painting, as expressions of visual arts for children starting from 7 years old. This program seeks to encourage creative learning, awaken interest in drawing and painting, motivate the expression of ideas and thoughts through these artistic manifestations, as well as expose students to famous paints and painters in order to broaden their general culture and stimulate their talents.

– Drawing: for children and young people strating from 7 years old. Use of charcoal, pencils and techniques for the correct perspective and draw of objects.

– Painting: for children and young people starting from 7 years old. Colors, paintings and brushes, forms the student for the correct use of graphic representation, color theory and composition.

Dance Program


Offers classes starting from 3 years of aga, as another alternative to cultivate the art and at the same time complement the physical, emotional and social development of the students, also encouraging the development of their imagination and discipline. This program introduces students to the world of dance and music, through the teaching of classical, modern and contemporary dance techniques, at different levels.

– Creative movement: for children from 3 to 6 years old. It manages the development of rhythm, musicality and creativity, all based on expression through dance.

– Ballet: starting from 7 years old. Our mission is to train using the classical ballet technique. There are ballet schools with their different teaching methods, for example: French school, Italian school, etc. We will teach history of dance and Cuban ballet methodology.

– Modern dance: for children and young people starting from 4 years old. We will work on the techniques of jazz dance and contemporary dance. This discipline covers the evolution of dance to this day. Abstract expressionism, random music and mix of styles.

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