Learners Club

Early Learners Club

Early Learners Club (ELC)

It is a bilingual program of extended hours, focused on expanding sportive, cognitive, artistic and recreational opportunities that support the integral development of each child; offering high quality activities that generate positive results.

ELC is aimed at children from 2 to 10 years old (Toddlers II – 5th grade of basic). These are divided into four different groups: Toddlers II – Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten – Pre-Primary, 1st – 2nd and 3rd – 5th.

This program includes: Lunch (optional), rest, supervision in the accomplishment of school assignments, reinforcement of study habits, and extracurricular activities, such as: sports disciplines, music, computing science, reading and special activities programmed according to to the interests of boys and girls, according to their age group.


  • mondays to fridays from 12:45 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Operative description:

  • Constant and flexible integration system
  • Limited availability
  • Duration: from August to June, each school year
  • Daily programs (5 days a week)
  • Interday programs (3 days a week)


To help ensure the safety of all our children, our plan includes:

  • Medical dispensary equipped
  • Permanent surveillance service
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  • Homework Club and Study habits (1ro a 5to elementary school).
  • Psychomotricity Development.
  • Sports and Physical development activities.
  • Musical Exploration.
  • Creative Movement.
  • Readings and Story tales.
  • Chess.
  • Water games.
  • Early Math.
  • Arts and Craft. 
  • Tech Titans.
  • Bakery and Cooking.
  • Special Activities.
  • Recreative games / Classroom games.
  • Tutorings.

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