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Our Institution needs your talent to promote change, keep us at the forefront of educational trends and keep New Horizons Academy as a leader in programs that complement the education, development and training of all age groups.

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The academic staff of New Horizons Academy includes: Academic Coordinator, Model Teacher Leader and Head and Academic Support Assistant. In addition to the teaching staff, it has monitors, substitute teachers and pedagogical advisors. As well as other vacancies that can come available.

In addition, as part of its administrative staff, New Horizons Academy has a financial management, an information and technology department, public relations department, medical service, maintenance, security and cleaning staff and administrative assistants, among others.

Providing educational services based on high quality and technology, through multidisciplinary programs that complement the education, development and training of children, youth and adults is the basis of our mission. To achieve this goal, we recruit professionals with high leadership potential, exceptional academic development and significant achievements. In addition, our Institution provides all employees with the opportunity to develop their professional skills.

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